Our Crematory

We own and operate our own cremetory.
Your loved one never leaves our care.

Memphis Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens

Our commitment to families is the foundation on which this firm was built. Although we honor and care for departed loved ones, we truly serve the living; those left behind to continue the celebration of life. Our commitment is to create a meaningful, everlasting memory; a seamless orchestrated tribute whose success rests in flawless team work. A memory that builds trust.

Highest Standards
Our exterior, interior and operational standards are consistent.
We welcome inspection and comparison anytime.

All transfers are personally handled by us with our equipment.
No jobbers. No middlemen.

SCI Tennessee Funeral Services, LLC DBA
Memphis Service Center Crematory
Memphis Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens | Poplar Ave
Memphis Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens | Germantown Pkwy
Family Funeral Home | Memphis
Collierville Funeral Home | Collierville
Brantley Funeral Home | Olive Branch

Not Our Crematory

Would you be interested to know that some crematories can be
found unattended with doors open?

High Point Crematorium

High Point Funeral Home & Crematorium
Currently in operation, however their license to operate the crematory was suspended by the State of Tennessee from March 22, 2010 until December 31, 2010.

For more information regarding the nature of the suspension, call the Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers at 615-741-2378.


Other funeral homes who don't own thier own crematory:

  • Bartlett Funeral Home


What type of crematory would you recommend to a friend, select for a loved one or prefer for yourself?

For complete peace of mind, your pre-arranged cremation from any other funeral home can be transferred to any of our locations at no additional charge.